SP1 Stereo Vision Sensor

SP1 Stereo Vision Sensor

SP1: Real-Time 3D Stereo Vision Through FPGA-Technology

SP1 has been superseded by our new SceneScan stereoscopic sensor system. While SP1 remains available to order for our existing customers, we recommend all new customers to use the more powerful SceneScan instead.

The SP1 stereo vision sensor allows you to perform stereo matching on real-time camera imagery, which facilitates depth perception and 3D-reconstruction. Unlike most other approaches to depth sensing, such as structured light or time-of-flight measurements, stereo vision is a purely passive technology which also works in bright daylight.

You can connect two standard USB industrial cameras to the SP1, and thus maintain control over all parameters of the stereo vision setup. Using FPGA-technology and hardware implementations of state-of-the-art algorithms, the SP1 can process the camera images in real-time. The processing result, which is a sub-pixel accurate disparity map (an inverse depth map), is sent out over the gigabit-ethernet port to an attached computer or embedded system. Using our open-source and cross-platform API, this disparity map can be converted into a 3D point cloud.

We have put great efforts into optimizing and fine-tuning our algorithms, to ensure that the SP1 delivers high quality depth data at high processing rates. Furthermore, we have made the SP1 easy to use, by integrating a user friendly web interface and by performing automated camera re-calibration. The SP1 is the ideal choice for reliable 3D depth sensing for a diverse set of industrial applications. The FPGA design that drives the SP1 can also be licensed as an IP core.

Depth measurement examples

Product videos

Supported cameras

The SP1 can be used with our own Karmin 3D stereo camera. In addition a variety of greyscale cameras from FLIR (formerly Point Grey), Basler AG and IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH are supported. Please follow the link below for a complete list of cameras that are known to be compatible:

Product specifications

Hardware details
Power consumption:< 4 W
Power supply:5 V/DC
Dimensions:105 x 76 x 36 mm
Weight:0.25 kg
I/O:USB 2.0 Host, Gigabit Ethernet, 2x trigger out, synchronization-input (pin shared with trigger 1)

Stereo Matching
Stereo algorithm:Semi-Global Matching (SGM)
Image resolution:Configurable from 320 x 240 pixels and 1440 x 1440 pixels
Disparity range:Configurable from 32 bis 256 pixels
Frame rate:Up to 40 fps, depending on image size and disparity range
Sub-pixel resolution:4 Bit (1/16 Pixel)
Post-processing:Erroneous disparity removal, noise removal, speckle filtering

Image rectification
Horizontal displacement:-39 bis +39 pixels
Vertical displacement:-39 bis +39 pixels


Achievable frame rates and image resolutions

  Image resolution
  640 × 480800 × 5921248 × 9601440 × 1072
64 pixels40 fps25 fps9 fps7 fps
128 pixels30 fps20 fps8 fps6 fps
256 pixels15 fps10 fps4 fpsn/a