Product Support

Product Support

Product support for Nerian's 3D stereo vision system

System configurator

Here you can compose your suitable stereo vision system for your application with Nerian products.

Software downloads

Software downloads for our stereovision sensors. These include APIs, libraries, applications and firmware updates.

Support forum

Our practical help forum for technical support with problems for not only for our customers but also for curious people and machine vision experts. All inquiries are exclusively answered by our technical experts.


Our FAQ to the most frequent technical and general questions about our stereo vision products.

User manuals and documentation

Manuals, developer documentation and other documents directly related to our stereo vision sensors.

Other resources

Lens, focal length and stereo baseline calculator

This online calculator helps you to configure your stereo vision application by calculating suitable lenses, stereo baseline distance and various other relevant factors.

Camera calibration patterns

Here you can download the 3D camera calibration patterns for stable system calibration.

Open source information

Information and download links to the open source components included in our 3D sensor firmware.

Download archive

A collection of older releases of our software, firmware, documentation and data sheets.

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