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3D Stereo Vision Technology for Machine Vision

Our Products - 3D Stereo Vision Technology for Machine Vision

3D depth camera and image processing

Ruby 3D depth camera

Our new Ruby 3D depth camera combines the best features of two different 3D vision technologies: stereo vision and structured light. The depth camera has three image sensors: two monochrome sensors for depth perception and an additional color sensor. In addition, an infrared pattern projector has been integrated, which improves depth perception but is invisible to the color sensor.

Scarlet 3D depth camera

Scarlet combines 3D stereo camera and image processing in one device. Whether for static environments, or hard and critical real-time applications in dynamic environments, our Scarlet 3D depth camera provides you with exactly the image and depth data you need for your machine vision application.

SceneScan 3D stereo vision sensors

SceneScan Pro

SceneScan Pro is Nerian's latest innovation for 3D depth perception using stereo vision. Using a powerful FPGA, SceneScan processes the image data from two cameras to create a depth map or 3D point cloud at a very high processing rate.


SceneScan is a cost optimized version for 3D depth perception applications with lower requirements.

3D Stereo Cameras


Karmin3 is our newest stereo camera with two 3-megapixel image sensors. It is specially designed for easy use with our SceneScan stereo vision sensor. In combination with SceneScan, Karmin3 becomes a full-fledged 3D depth camera, which enables highly accurate distance measurements even in bright ambient light and over long distances.


Karmin2 is our 2 megapixel stereo camera of the previous generation, which was especially developed for use with our SceneScan stereo vision sensor.

Additional products - Custom developments

Special developments

If you are looking for know-how and consulting services for your machine vision project with stereo vision and 3D depth measurement, you will find in us the perfect partner.

Stereo vision system accessories

Here you will find a selection of accessories for a proper use of our SceneScan 3D depth sensor and components which we offer in connection with special system construction.

Outdated products

SP1 stereo vision sensor

Using FPGA-technology, the SP1 stereo vision sensor is able to perform real-time stereo matching with two USB industrial cameras. This makes the SP1 a versatile depth sensing system, which also works in difficult situations such as bright ambient light.

Karmin 3D stereo camera

A pre-assembled stereo camera that has been designed for easy use with our SP1 stereo vision sensor. Karmin is freely configurable in terms of baseline distance and integrated camera modules.

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