Industrial Applications

Industrial applications

3D depth measurement from Nerian in use

Our 3D stereo vision technology can be integrated into a wide range of machine vision applications due to its flexibility and robustness. On this page we have compiled a few examples for you, as well as user stories:

User stories

Applications for 3D stereo vision

Robotics – Stereo vision localizes, identifies, verifies and checks

When modern robots learn to see, speed is just as important as accuracy in order to be able to keep to given cycle times. This is guaranteed by the use of stereo vision technology, which is implemented in our modern 3D sensor product line “SceneScan”. This opens up countless application possibilities, such as the palletizing of products by identifying their geometry and the associated rapid localization.

Completely unconventional – Stereo vision and Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality goes hand in hand with technical progress and is becoming more and more important. If you too are open to rather unconventional applications, then so are we.

In this video our stereo vision system was used by our partner LightAct for an interactive game. Click here for the making of article.

Autonomous driving – Stereo vision guides safely through the traffic

Several well-known vehicle manufacturers are currently testing the performance of our 3D systems for daily routine use. Compared to solutions based on “normal” CPUs or GPUs, SceneScan offers the advantage of extremely low power consumption, small footprint and a large measuring range.

The combination of Stereo vision with other sensors (laser, radar, etc.) is very promising, prototypes are expected soon.

Warehousing – Stereo vision helps to keep order

Considering the variety of products that large (internet) retailers have to offer, it is always surprising how these companies organize themselves. How do they have access to certain stored products? In other words, where are they stored, how can the access time be optimized? Again, Nerian’s solutions can make the difference!

Agriculture and construction – Stereo vision as an agricultural and construction aid

Automation technology is also continuing to gain ground in agriculture and the construction industry. Mapping of cultivated areas, monitoring of crop growth, checking breeding stock, driverless cranes and drilling robots with remote control or other autonomous agricultural and constructional assistants: with the right sensors, valuable resources are optimized. Nerian’s 3D stereo vision system helps you do this.

Our oceans – Monitoring marine life and habitats

Our oceans are facing many challenges: Over-fishing, global warming, increased use of valuable resources at depth (oil, natural gases, precious metals, etc) – in short, monitoring of this fragile ecosystem is becoming increasingly urgent. Autonomous mini-submarines (AUVs) equipped with suitable sensors provide valuable assistance here. Stereo vision cameras can, for example, check platforms for oil leaks, determine the size of shoals of fish, and determine the circumference of so-called plastic islands. Also these applications often depend on speed – i.e. real-time capability is a must!

Measurement of large objects – Stereo vision figures out the size

Does the small object fit into the large one? Or not? Such questions are often asked when it comes to dimensions, for example of vehicles – just think of portals of all kinds, such as tunnel entrances. Most of the time, height and width are traditionally determined by mechanical probes, but optical methods such as stereo vision are more accurate, faster and more reliable – especially when they are based on FPGAs such as SceneScan. There are countless such applications, find out yours!

Navigation within closed rooms – Stereo vision inside

Outdoor navigation solutions have been an integral part of our daily lives for well over a decade – in motorized traffic, leisure time (hiking, biking,…) – and of course for much longer in civil or military aviation.
On the other hand, navigation in closed rooms is still a challenge, as the satellite-supported GPS signals do not generally penetrate (concrete) walls. Stereo vision can help here. Position determination within – even relatively large – enclosed spaces is possible with this technology and can be combined with external GPS data. A world-renowned multinational corporation is currently evaluating Nerian’s technology.

Application case: localization and perception, indoors and outdoors – One for all

Click here for more information about our partner project EzyPilot from Sigra Technologies

Industrial safety – Stereo vision for accident prevention

The safety of the workforce in production has top priority. Even if many machines, such as robots, already try to detect people, there is still a lot of catching up to do in this area. Although two-dimensional sensor curtains often exist, the trend is clearly moving towards 3D solutions that can determine the position of the worker in space and not just over a surface. This ensures significantly higher safety and thus less risk of injury, which of course, benefits not only the workers but also the companies.

Medical technology – Stereo vision as a aid for doctors and handicapped people

Blindness is a heavy fate, so it is extremely important to make life easier for those affected. Above all, it is important to improve orientation in public, because the usual method of groping with a stick is imprecise and therefore dangerous. This is where stereo vision can help; of course, the extremely fast image evaluation as offered by Nerian is absolutely necessary. A well-known medical company is currently working on a solution.

High-precision positioning of patients plays an outstanding role in many medical procedures. In radiotherapy, for example, it is important to protect healthy tissue as far as possible. But also surgical interventions often require precise position control of the patient. An internationally renowned medical technology corporation uses Nerian’s stereo vision technology for these applications.

Does 3D depth measurement with stereo vision also fit to your application? We will find it out with you!