Custom Developments and Service

Custom Developments and Service

Our range of custom developments and services

Do you have difficulties in developing a stereo vision project? Do you have a small special development requests in the field of stereo vision? Are you looking for a customized 3D vision system? Or do you have a stereo vision project in machine vision, but not the necessary know-how? We do!

Thanks to many years of experience in stereo vision and hardware-based image processing in industry, you can count on us for realizing your stereo vision application. Please feel free to request a quote for the services listed below.

We focus on direct and uncomplicated service. This means that close cooperation and coordination with the customer is the essence of our work method. This is the only way we can develop solutions for you that really fit to your application.

Interested? Please contact us for a consultation appointment. We will be pleased to submit you an offer for individual development services afterwards.

Custom developments and services around SceneScan

Supplemental product support

Would you like to extend service and support to your SceneScan exclusively? We offer several options to provide you with intensive support for using our hardware. We would be happy to send you an offer of our extended product support..

Custom-made stereo vision systems

You need robust and individual stereo vision systems? We at Nerian do not insist to our stereo vision portfolio! We also design stereo vision systems for real-time image processing according to your specifications. Whether you need a particularly short or a particularly long baseline distance or protection from water - just talk to us about your requirements!

Software adaption

You have special requirements for our software? You are missing a special feature for your 3D depth measurement? We configure and extend our software according to your wishes.

You are interested in our stereo vision services?