Stereo Vision Accessories

Stereo Vision Accessories

We offer a small selection of system accessories for our stereo vision systems. If you are interested, we are at your disposal.

As system accessories we offer the following components:

Pattern projector for 3D stereo vision applications

You definitely need stereo vision in your application? But your surfaces do not offer the optimal structure for measurement? With the pattern projector EFFI-Lase V2-PSV we offer exactly the right accessory solution to use stereo vision even for the most demanding machine vision applications, such as “bin picking”.

The projector can project a pseudo-random cloud of dots pattern, whereby even very smooth and unstructured surfaces can be detected by stereo vision. The projector is passively cooled and the patterns can be easily changed by hand.

Further technical information can be found in the product data sheet.

Protective enclosures for 3D stereo cameras

In order to protect your stereo vision camera from environmental influences in the best possible way, we have various protective housings from autoVimation to choose from. So you do not need to worry about splash water, dust or vibrations. The housings of our partner have the protection classes IP66 or IP67. Further details on the housings can be found in the corresponding data sheets.

We would be pleased to submit you an offer for a complete system. Please contact us!

Stereo camera mounting solutions

Mounting plates

To simplify the setup of your camera pair for stereo vision, we offer mounting plates for various camera models. All plates are precision manufactured from anodized aluminum. They have a thickness of 4 mm, which ensures that they will not deform. Each mounting plate has a mounting hole in its center with a 1/4″ UNC thread. This allows the plate to be fixed onto a standard camera tripod.

The left and right camera can both be mounted at different positions. In total, this allows different mounting configurations with different baseline distances. The possible baseline distances depend on the selected model. Custom plates can also be manufactured upon request.

Profil mounts

For applications with a very wide baseline, we offer mounting kits for extruded aluminum profiles (B-type, 10 mm slot). For wide baseline configurations, this mounting method provides a higher rigidity, which is important for stereo vision. The mounting adapters can be slided along the profile slot, which allows for a continuous adjustment of the baseline distance.


ModelDescriptionBaseline distances
MOUNT-AFLIR Blackfly / FLIR Flea 3 / Basler ace / Hikvision7 / 9 / 11 / 13 / 15 cm
MOUNT-BFLIR Chameleon 39 / 12 / 15 cm
MOUNT-CCustom mounting platesAs requested
MOUNT-PProfil mounting kit

Calibration boards

A camera calibration board in A4 (210 x 297 mm) or A1 (594 x 841 mm) format. The board is manufactured from a aluminum compound material, with a layer of aluminum on each side and a plastic layer in the middle.

The board is printed on one side with the asymmetric circles grid pattern, which is used by our systems for camera calibration. On the other side is a Siemens Star, which is used for lens focusing. To avoid unwanted reflections, the board has a matt finish.

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