Karmin2 3D Stereo Camera

for highly accurate measurement results

Karmin2 3D Stereo Camera for highly accurate measurement results

Karmin2 and SceneScan - a strong team

Karmin2 was especially developed for easy use with our SceneScan stereo vision sensor and is the successor of our successful Karmin stereo camera.

In combination with SceneScan, Karmin2 becomes a fully functional 3D depth camera, which enables highly accurate distance measurements even in bright ambient light and over long distances.

Therefore our Karmin2 camera is only available in combination with SceneScan.

Depth measurement at close range

  • 10 cm baseline distance
  • ideal for measurement distances up to 0.5 m

Depth measurement from a distance

  • 25 cm baseline distance
  • The larger baseline enables better depth resolution at larger distances.

The image sensors are triggered by an external trigger signal, which guarantees excellent synchronization. The trigger signal is generated by SceneScan. Accurate synchronization is essential when measuring moving objects.

The advantages of the Karmin2 stereo camera at a glance

High resolution with best frame rates!

The two image sensors have a native resolution of 1600 × 1200 pixels, but can also be operated with 800 × 592 pixels at an increased frame rate.

Stability for your application

Karmin2 is made of a continuous solid aluminium part, which ensures excellent mechanical stability and a long lasting stable calibration.

Flexibly adjustable

A wide range of lenses is available for each version, allowing precise adjustment of the field of view. With our standard lenses opening angles between 25° and 62° are possible. Depending on the application, even larger or smaller angles can be achieved with special lenses. This makes Karmin2 the 3D depth camera with the widest configuration range on the market.

Recommended Configurations with SceneScan / SceneScan Pro

Below you find a list of recommended configurations when using Karmin3 in combination with SceneScan or SceneScan Pro for stereo vision. Please select a Karmin3 and SceneScan model to update the list.

Karmin3 baseline:
SceneScan model:

Camera specifications

Sensor resolution:1600 x 1200 pixels
Sensor:e2v EV76C570
Sensor format:1/1.8″
Lens mount:C/CS-mount
Chroma:mono / color
Shutter:global shutter
Interface:USB 3.0
Trigger-input:4-pin Binder M8 connector
Stereo baseline distance:10 cm / 25 cm
Mounting bottom side:4× M3 threaded hole
1× 1/4″ UNC threaded hole (tripod mount)
Mounting top side:2× M3 threaded hole
Weight without lenses:280 g for 10 cm baseline
450 g for 25 cm baseline
Conformity:CE, UKCA, FCC, RoHS

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