New NVCom Software Release integrates 3D Live Preview

More and more users are working with 3D point clouds in their machine vision applications. The biggest problem for a real-time view of 3D point clouds is the high data load to be processed.

With more than 70 million 3D points per second with Scarlet, or more than 40 million 3D points with SceneScan Pro, is the real-time display not only one of the fastest, but also the densest provision of 3D point clouds available in the machine vision field.

With our new Vision Software release, we have further improved and simplified the availability of 3D point clouds and depth information for our users. The new features at a glance:

  • 3D live preview which is integrated based on Open3D

  • Choice between 2D or 3D view

  • Intuitive access to acquisition settings

  • Automatic adjustment of color scaling from the disparity map

You can find the new NVCom version in our software download area.
In advance you may convince yourself of the new features with this small video demo:

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