Now available: New Firmware Releases for SceneScan Pro & Scarlet 3D Depth Camera

Nerian’s line of high-speed 3D sensor systems – Scarlet and SceneScan (Pro) – have received a major improvement through a new firmware update today.

The most noticeable change is a completely re-worked web-interface: Not only does it come in a new modern design, but it also greatly simplifies the adjustment of parameters.

Any parameter change in the browser is immediately reflected by the sensor systems, and the effects are instantly visible in any connected software. In the same way, any parameter change that is made through the API becomes immediately visible to in the web interface. With this enhancement it is now possible to interactive tune parameters such as exposure or algorithm settings, which were previously difficult to adjust.

Another big improvement is the updated camera calibration interface. Each captured board position is now highlighted in the camera preview. This allows the user to see, in which image regions further board positions should be recorded. With this visual guideline, a more accurate calibrations can be achieved.

The update also includes a multitude of minor enhancements and bug fixes. As always, the firmware update is available for all our customers from our software download page.

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