a length unit of 'create_point_map_and_color_map' method in python

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a length unit of 'create_point_map_and_color_map' method in python

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I'm trying to get only the values ​​on the z-axis using the 'create_point_map_and_color_map' method.

When I checked the stored values, I was curious about the unit of length such as 'mm' or 'm'.

maximum distance between camera and object(actually ground) is 12m.

but, stored values are from 8135.056 to 11.490.

Which unit of length is the correct? 'm' or 'mm' ?

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Re: a length unit of 'create_point_map_and_color_map' method in python

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Coordinates are always measured in meters. The coordinate system is described in the current user manual on page 21:

Typically there are always some outliers and they can have a much higher depths. This is why in the API and in NVCom you have the option to enter a maximum depth when saving a point cloud. In this case, points with a higher depth are ignored. This is a useful feature because in most pointcloud viewers (such as MeshLab and CloudCompare) it is difficult to view point clouds that contain very distant points.
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